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Natural Fertility Clinic

We now run a specific clinic related to Fertility. 

We support fertility and pregnancy related health matters with acupuncture, and welcome all conditions and all people.  We also offer a range of other health modalities to support those trying to conceive and have healthy pregnancies and families.

We offer DUTCH testing and hormonal panels tests for our clients

About Dumfries Natural Fertility Clinic

A dedicated clinic has now opened specialising in Natural fertility.

We found that our fertility clients coming through The Acu Hub, had limited support and guidance on what to expect through pregnancy and IVF.  We see these clients as some of the most vulnerable that come through our doors, often due to the pressures of social media and the 'latest' magic cures that are promised.

We take the time to review where you are on your journey, any supplements you are on, dietary and lifestyle changes.  We support this with advice and acupuncture from our knowledgeable and qualified practitioners.

We live to our motto of 'inclusivity', so welcome everyone who is on their journey, from single mums and surrogacy through to same sex couples and natural conception.

We are often asked if we treat men - and the answer is YES.  

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