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Acupuncture as a treatment for fertility shows great results both in man and women. It can can be considered as successful treatment in restoring fertility in the patients, by improving the sperm quality and ovaries function and balancing the endocrine system and hormones.

We have a dedicated Fertility clinic available to help both men and woman 

Acupuncture works to: 

  • regulate fertility hormones and affect hormone levels

  • increase blood flow to the reproductive organs improving blood flow to the ovaries, enhancing the environment in which ovarian follicles develop. 

  • Increase blood flow to the uterus, improving the thickness of the endometrial lining and increasing the chances of embryo implantation.

  • counteracts the effects of polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) – PCOS is one of the most common causes of female infertility. By reducing sympathetic nerve activity and balancing hormone levels, acupuncture has been shown to reduce the number of ovarian cysts, stimulate ovulation, enhance blastocyst implantation and regulate the menstrual cycle in women with PCOS.


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