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Functional Medicine -
Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostics on demand. Providing you with simple, easy access to world-leading laboratories that deliver the broadest range of wellness focussed & functional diagnostic testing services.

We offer over 300 tests ranging from food intolerances to hormone testing.  With the advancement of medical technology, majority of the tests can be undertaken in your own home.

If you are not a registered client with our clinic, please book a 15 minute telephone consultation to discuss which test is the most suitable for you.  These tests are available to you anywhere in the UK, and consultations can be undertaken online.

Diagnostic Tests available

We provide over 300 tests to our clients, please click here to see a full list of the testing that is available.

Please note that we do not undertake venous draws.

Our most popular tests:

IgG - Food intolerances

IgG Food Map With Candida + Yeast 

DUTCH Testing - hormones

Thyroid Complete Blood Test (T3 & T4)

Coeliac & Gluten Sensitivity

Lactose Intolerance

Vitamin D


Hormone Panel Tests

Adrenal Function

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