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Lidong (立冬) and Winter Solstice (冬至)

Lidong (立冬) marks the beginning of the winter season on 7th November 2023. In Chinese herbal medicine, Lidong is considered an important time because it signifies the transition from yang to yin, or from the active, outward-focused energy of summer to the more passive, inward-focused energy of winter.

What Lidong signifies:

  1. Transition from Yang to Yin: As lidong marks the beginning of winter, it signifies a shift in energy from the yang phase (summer) to the yin phase (winter). This transition encourages people to adapt their lifestyles and habits to harmonize with the changing environment. In Chinese medicine, this is seen as a time to nourish and store energy for the colder months ahead.

  2. Diet and Nutrition: During lidong, it is recommended to adjust your diet to include warming and nourishing foods. This can help support your body's immune system and energy levels as it adjusts to the colder weather. Traditional foods like ginger, garlic, root vegetables, and hearty soups are often emphasized.

  3. Herbal Remedies: Chinese herbal medicine places emphasis on adjusting herbal formulas and remedies during lidong. Herbs that are warming in nature and support the kidneys and the immune system are often prescribed during this time. These herbs are believed to help fortify the body's defenses against the cold and strengthen the core energy.

  4. Consulting a Herbalist: Seeing a qualified herbalist during lidong can be beneficial for personalized advice and recommendations. A trained herbalist can assess your individual constitution, health concerns, and environmental factors to create a tailored herbal regimen that supports your well-being during the winter season.

  5. Preventative Health: Traditional Chinese medicine often emphasizes preventative care. By taking steps to nourish and support your body during lidong, you are believed to be less susceptible to common winter ailments such as colds, flu, and respiratory issues.

  6. Harmonizing with Nature: The practice of aligning with the seasons is an important aspect of traditional Chinese medicine. By acknowledging and adapting to the changes in nature, it is believed that you can optimize your health and well-being.

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