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Acupuncture: Taking Charge of Your Self Care

You may be aware that you need to better care for yourself, though often find yourself carried along by the busy-ness of life. Self care is something you need to plan in your life, rather something that just happens. So let Traditional Five Element Acupuncture help you find your way back to better Health and Wellbeing .

Body, Mind and Spirit

We all function on the levels of Body, Mind and Spirit which function happily together when we are in balance and healthy. Our Bodies will move without trouble, our Minds will understand our thoughts easily and our emotional life (Spirit) will respond appropriately to the demands made on it.

When stress is put on any of these levels occurs it can overload your system and affect your capacity to maintain balance – therefore problems occur.

Keeping Life Balanced

When one or more of our levels are put under pressure this can cause malfunction, putting further stress on other functions. If this continues all three level start to show signs of distress and where the problems all started can become blurred. Treating the whole system ( rather than segmenting your system up) can help you find your way back to health.

Running on Empty

When a person attends Traditional Five Element Acupuncture treatment, we look at the whole system and how it interconnects.

An example could be to start to help clear the migraines, which may be caused by the insomnia, which may have been caused by the stress at work, which may have caused unhappiness in the marriage and upsets with the children and maybe drinking too much, and be put under more stress as not performing well at work it all goes round in cycles and find yourself running on empty.

What is needed is to help the system to work better to stop the exhausting cycles, therefore being able to feel better and improve issues in life.

Your Whole System

Many patients come for Traditional Five Element Acupuncture for physical problems, and are surprised when asked about their life in general, such as sleep, appetite, digestion and elimination, exercise and rest, work, family and relationships. This is to understand how each person responds to their personal environment, as Traditional Five Element Acupuncture treats each person as a whole rather than just conditions.

Individual Care

Since Traditional Five Element Acupuncture recognises the interconnectedness of the different levels of the human being, treatment is rarely focused on merely one level. When treating with Traditional Five Element Acupuncture we always look at all levels to treat each patient in the individual way they need help. Helping each person find their way forward in a healthy, happy, balanced way.

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